Step 5 Connect to HAWQ

At the time of this writing, pgAdmin v1.14.3 works the best with HAWQ. Pivotal is actively working committing to the open source pgAdmin project so that the latest version works with HAWQ. Until this is completed, v1.14.3 works the best.

Ssh to hdb as gpadmin and use the password changeme which we set in an earlier step. Next, execute the following commands:

ssh gpadmin@hdb
echo "source /usr/local/hawq/" >> .bashrc
echo "export MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY=/data/hawq/master" >> .bashrc
source /usr/local/hawq/ 
psql template1 -c "alter user gpadmin password 'changeme'"
psql template1 -c "create database gpadmin"
echo "host all all md5" >> /data/hawq/master/pg_hba.conf 
hawq stop cluster -u -a

Create a new connection in pgAdmin III.

The initial connection will give you the following error message:
This is happening because the resource queue table has changed in HAWQ after it forked from Greenplum. This error will be fixed in a new release of pgAdmin III.

You can now expand the object browser and see the gpadmin database. The SQL window allows you to execute SQL statements.

You can also use psql either remotely or after making an ssh connection to hdb.