Step 3 HAWQ Plug-in

After you have finished creating your virtual machine and installed Ambari, you can now add the HAWQ Ambari plug-in. This is documented on Pivotal’s site here but here is a condensed version.

1. Download
Download the Ambari plug-in and the Pivotal HDB software from Pivotal.

2. Copy Files

ssh root@hdb
mkdir /staging
chmod 755 /staging
scp hdb* root@hdb:/staging/

3. Extract files

ssh root@hdb
tar -xvzf /staging/hdb-*.tar.gz -C /staging/
tar -xvzf /staging/hdb-ambari-plugin*.tar.gz -C /staging/
cd /staging/hdb-2*
cd ../hdb-ambari-plugin*
yum install hdb-ambari-plugin -y
ambari-server restart

Now you are ready to move on to installing your cluster.